France - summer memories 8-) amateur photo)
clock March 25, 2014 16:42 by author Lolli

Hope you guys will enjoy them also)

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March 26. 2014 00:02

Only genuine, selfless love is the most enduring purpose of any life, never tarnishing over time; ever to remain bright and brilliant while helping others to understand the precious power of the transcendent, inner light that glows from the eyes and auras of very special individuals like this extraordinary woman.

Kostya United States

March 26. 2014 11:13


boshzordof United States

July 19. 2014 07:38

You banned me from your room and from your life for trying to cross the line a line no one can cross but when I look into your eye's it's not Lolli the sexy, confident, successful model I see but the sensative sweet young girl I first met all those years ago who I fell in love with

Tony United Kingdom

July 27. 2014 12:47

Hey Tony Danza, I think their is a song you need to listen to.

wronganswer United States