Winter also can be hot....
clock January 16, 2014 10:20 by author Lolli

      You know that I like playing different roles and this time I am the cold but very sizzling Lady Winter. I always liked winter with its beautiful white cover, with its incredible star-like snowflakes and fantastic almost magic views. I like the sexy way I look in these pictures because I feel like Lady Winter and look exactly like Lady Winter. Some strong power rises in my soul and I know that I can do everything. And yes, I am sure that Lady Winter should be almost naked to show her captivating body with perfect curves.


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January 17. 2014 14:18

...being a ghost is being damned to the hell of heavenly contact minus the touch of the only one you ever loved more than your family and so all a ghost can do is disappear for the well-being of both...

lynn Gilmore United States

January 21. 2014 23:04

I look upon these pictures and I'm so proud of you for your achievements and even in the short time we've known each other I've been privileged to watch you grow in confidence and stature in your career but your success hasn't changed you, your still the sweet, gentle, caring person you always was and that's why everyone who's lives you have touched has so much love in their hearts for you

Tony United Kingdom

January 21. 2014 23:39

The message I want to give to everyone is to be grateful that this amazing human being has touched your life and not to lament on what can never be, her friendship and her love are precious gifts to be cherished and celebrated because she gives everything she can possibly give, she alone will see the irony of my words but it's unfair to place emotional burdens on such a beautiful soul.

Tony United Kingdom