Strong, wild and classy....
clock January 7, 2014 07:06 by author Lolli

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January 7. 2014 15:06

Forever i Feel your power  
deep inside and through me
Hearing your sweet breath
wisp across my lips
Transforming death into
The purpose of eternity
The reason for Love
The meaning of sensuality --
True devotion and self-esteem
a best friend and lover ever waiting  
with Real Love yours to redeem

Lynn Gilmore United States

January 7. 2014 19:23

For something as incredible as you to even exist is how I know there's a god

boshzordof United States

January 11. 2014 12:08

Here as in your shows your like a confident chameleon ever changing to the environment around you, flirting with the camera as you do with your guys to draw them in but hidden inside behind the costumes and make-up I know theirs someone else, someone even more special, someone I hope I will always call friend.

Tony United Kingdom