Desires .....
clock November 13, 2013 05:55 by author Lolli

                                           Desires.... continuation ....

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November 13. 2013 17:18

Desires are enhanced
through another you
and extended expectations..

i dream we connect…
sensually and psychologically..

we burn  
for each other..
in time
we meet..
our bodies come together..
still strangers..

Our union is sensually
and psychologically

it becomes

Lynn Gilmore United States

November 14. 2013 09:54

I approve of the new style. Just loose the glasses, you aren't a dominatrix

boshzordof United States

November 16. 2013 09:04

These images of you gift to the world get ever more beautiful and fascinating with every passing shoot but it's the real you, that sweet and gentle soul inside that captures hearts.

Tony United Kingdom