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clock November 5, 2013 07:20 by author Lolli

       You know I like to travel all over the world and recently I visited Rhodes in Greece. It is a wonderful island with beautiful nature and very kind smiling people. I don’t like to sit still on the shore and watch waves so I decided to hire cute cabriolet. I planned to look around a little. It was sunny day with soft tender breeze and I set off for my trip. In the middle of a day it became too hot and I had to take my clothes off. I felt nice and free and several times I even drove the car totally naked and it was really awesome!

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November 6. 2013 10:44


My car is a silver convertible and it's German too but it's an Audi so it won't break down so often Smile and I can just imagine how you would look behind the wheel Smile xxxx

Tony United Kingdom

November 7. 2013 12:19

Lynn Gilmore

you are my pure, addictive cocaine
i never have enough of you, my flame
knowing hell, i still need you to live
killing my brain, i need you to think,
to help me starve and stay thin
and you are all i ever think of
i love you more than any life's dream
i love all you do to drive me insane
wanting nothing but to be one
with my snow queen and children    

Lynn Gilmore United States

November 12. 2013 12:44


I forgot to say that my car is 10 years old and like me it's seen better days but like me it would never let you down and it would carry you so gently

Tony United Kingdom

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