Sun plus Sea plus Love égale Happiness
clock August 4, 2013 09:44 by author Lolli

        This time I visited Cote d'Azur in France is a very wonderful place to spend your vocations and especially to celebrate the birthday. I was not far from San Tropez and was going to visit this lovely city. You know I can definitely say that this place is a place of a dream. Everything here looks perfect and luxurious. In Cote d'Azur i felt as if I got into fairy tale. There were no cloudy or rainy days, there was no strong cold wind, only nice sun, soft breeze and me swimming in the sea ) I was very happy and you can see it watching my pictures. Enjoy because I wanna share with you my sunny mood )

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August 8. 2013 20:14

Lynn Gilmore

"A Place of a Dream"

In a last life at Cote d'Azur
all flowers blossomed wide
and we loved chasing butterflies
hand in hand until close of day . .
oh, how your voice still echoes,
you're always in my heart

And these photos now haunting visions
of you holding me tight in the twilight . .
I make a promise to The Dreamer of All,
a vow pure white: "I will love her forever"

Dreams dreamed, other lives passed
so much has changed
but Cote d'Azur remains in my heart
but too long we've been apart,
I need to tell you still I adore you
so I dream again and reach for you . . .
you fly to me like a butterfly
whispering memorably,
"you're always in my heart"

Lynn Gilmore United States

August 10. 2013 01:53


You once said I was the one who really loved you and will love you but I think that anyone who has been lucky enough to get close to you has you deep in their hearts and you will always be a part of them, as for me you will always be my one true love and I have tried to fill the void you left behind but their will never be room in my heart for another

Tony United Kingdom

August 17. 2013 20:27


You're missing something... c>

boshz United States

August 24. 2013 11:07


I just want to tell you that I love your photos here. You seem to have had a wonderful time in San Tropez. I´ve been in Odessa, Ukraine and had a wonderful time with lots of sun and more than +30 outside. Hope to be able to see you soon.

jakob1234 Sweden

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