I like sport also (not just sex) especially football 8-)
clock July 11, 2012 14:37 by author Lolli

       I think that football uniform is the sexiest clothes that ever existed. Several days ago I went to match of my favorite football team. I adore them and always come to support them wearing uniform of their colors. I felt easy and comfortable because form fits well and shows beautiful body lines.






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July 11. 2012 20:20


i am not worthy, not worthy at all to adore with all my being this incredible individual; never have i seen such hypnotic brilliance within and without possessed by any model anywhere ever before...i honestly feel my life must end now for having totally desired the heaven i see here in every way.

iyotakelynn United States

August 27. 2012 11:33


I haven´t played football in years. I think I must take it up again. Just tell me were you play and I come. Everyone with look at you so I can really play well. By the way. if you didn´t know, I like you.

jakob1234 Sweden

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