My first photo shoot in the life 8-)
clock July 7, 2012 07:12 by author Lolli

I remember how it was like it was yesterday))) probably because my first encounter with a photo camera was surprisingly and not forgotten)

 Never in my life when I have embarrassed so much) I even forgot about the smile)))


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July 7. 2012 15:24


so very precious, vulnerable yet determined, intelligent and lovely beyond words; what a rare and incredible human being...thank you, thank you for sharing these))

iyotakelynn United States

July 7. 2012 18:11


if only I'd been lucky enough to have known you back then, to have been able to watch you grow into the incredible beauty we all know and love today, though I still see that hint of innocence and vulnerability within you sometimes which I think only those lucky enough to be your friends are allowed to see, but then theirs that naughty side, that loves to tease me, that joins me in the shower and in my bed Smile so complex yet simply wonderful

Tony United Kingdom

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