Romantic evening
clock April 27, 2012 12:48 by author Lolli

             In that evening I was waiting for a man in my bedroom but instead he sent me a beautiful bunch of roses to make me excited first. Flowers were perfect like me tonight and I watched them for a long time amazing their wonderful smell. Then he came and we spend a lot of hot hours together even more hours than were the number of roses!)

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April 27. 2012 16:23


Magnificent & Breathtaking!!!!

iyotakelynn United States

April 28. 2012 10:26


You once told me that you worry about getting older, you get lovelier day by day xxxxxxxx

Tony United Kingdom

April 28. 2012 10:30


Sorry for just one wrong click my vote should have been a five xxx

Tony United Kingdom

April 28. 2012 18:05


Romantic is not in it, you look absolutely magnificent. Best set ever xx

Ian United Kingdom

June 3. 2012 05:37


no words comes to mind but beautiful

anthony United States

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