My other hobby)
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Horse posing on photos more than me)

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     I like breathing fresh air while slow riding and thinking about eternal things and watching beautiful nature. There is something charming in these walks because I feel free and I can be myself there. I also like when horse runs fast and I can feel wind that fans my smiling face and to feel as my butt strongly
hits against the saddle) so good  spanking)))

Imagine me playing in your hay.....
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Just Amsterdam...XXX
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      It was my first trip to windy Holland where people love to smoke so much)) I liked to stroll about beautiful quiet streets and Amsterdam was very attractive place for me because of its great ancient buildings and passing step by step you can have more and more fun and exciting emotions))) It is really the most great city))

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Amsterdam, Andgelina and Me.....
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      … I liked to stroll about Amsterdam’s picturesque streets and of cause I wasn’t alone)) my friend Kate joined me (absolutely you saw her many times) and she also loves to have great fun at any time and any place)) we hadn’t any boring minute there and I think it is the point of rest and relaxation) to rest and to be happy of this resting ))

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Amsterdam and me...
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      Despite the fact that it wasn’t a summer weather Amsterdam strongly impressed me with its incredibly beautiful architecture and with its fantastic channels that stretch through all the city ) also I was impressed with natives who are twice taller than I )) you should just watch and breathe and feel… or to be totally absorbed by Amsterdam’s life if I can say so 

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