You also think that my new image is sexy ? )))
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So sexy Mercedes
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       You know I like to travel all over the world and recently I visited Rhodes in Greece. It is a wonderful island with beautiful nature and very kind smiling people. I don’t like to sit still on the shore and watch waves so I decided to hire cute cabriolet. I planned to look around a little. It was sunny day with soft tender breeze and I set off for my trip. In the middle of a day it became too hot and I had to take my clothes off. I felt nice and free and several times I even drove the car totally naked and it was really awesome!

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Mmmm Greece )))
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Sunny funny days in France...
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Sun plus Sea plus Love égale Happiness
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        This time I visited Cote d'Azur in France is a very wonderful place to spend your vocations and especially to celebrate the birthday. I was not far from San Tropez and was going to visit this lovely city. You know I can definitely say that this place is a place of a dream. Everything here looks perfect and luxurious. In Cote d'Azur i felt as if I got into fairy tale. There were no cloudy or rainy days, there was no strong cold wind, only nice sun, soft breeze and me swimming in the sea ) I was very happy and you can see it watching my pictures. Enjoy because I wanna share with you my sunny mood )